Can I customize SaaS Model Software?

26 Apr 2024

You've likely looked into customizations if you've invested in SaaS products. The term can be used to describe any enhancement, modification, or extension that was not prebuilt by developers and instead required custom coding. When considering customizations, the most common question is: is it worth it? There are many dimensions to consider when deciding whether to customize or use an out-of-the-box solution.

When it comes to adapting versus adopting, enterprise organizations face a unique challenge: while they're paying license fees to use OOTB features, there may be critical business requirements that push for customization, which will involve implementation and maintenance costs via managed services.

Enterprise software products for CRM and ERP serve a variety of industries and standard processes. Enterprises often face obstacles to digital transformation due to legacy business processes and tools. Large enterprises would benefit from OOTB solutions instead of customizing products, but these two don't go hand-in-hand.

Unfortunately, the answer is no most of the time.

Enterprise transformation programs often aim to make the new technology work exactly like their current processes and tools. But you'll have difficulty achieving results if you're just trying to fit a new solution into an old problem. Technology itself may be more smooth, but it may not solve the larger process or system issues at hand, which require custom features. As a result, it is up to the business to decide if the process can be streamlined or if the specific feature request can be adjusted, eliminating the need for customization, or if the custom build is necessary for success.